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My name is Eric Bakker, Naturopathic Physician, I have specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of yeast infections for over twenty years. I’ve seen just about every type of Candida yeast infection that exists in men, and women and children. is about the leading causes, how to identify and the best natural treatment solutions for yeast infections. Having the right information means that you will be able to effectively treat your candida yeast infection without having to resort to conventional medical drug treatment.

Have you been told that all your health problems are imaginary, all in your head? Do you suffer with unexplained discharge, itchy vagina, digestive problems, poor energy, depression, and maybe excessive skin irritation? If you suffer from any of those signs and symptoms you may have candida overgrowth which is commonly known as candida albicans.

Step 1 - Take The Candida Yeast Infection Quiz

Try not to skip this, take my candida yeast infection evaluation quiz by clicking here. Select your gender and follow the instructions on the screen. Everything is straightforward. Test can be taken by both male and female patients. CLICK HERE to take the quiz.

Comprehensive Candida, Allergy or Stool Testing

You may be interested in a functional medicine test to determine whether you actually have a candida yeast infection or how severe it is, or you may wish to do a Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (with Parasitology) test, a Comprehensive Food Allergy Test or any one of several other tests. These tests can be purchased 30% cheaper than you would pay your regular physician, and these are the tests I perform on many of my patients prior to a consultation.You can view them and purchase them direct, or before you book in for a Skype consultation with me. I see patients in over 30 countries, and this may be an option for you if you cannot visit me in person. There is a charge for these consultations naturally, but I think you will be pleased with the consultation, as most all my international patients are.  You can view and purchase a whole array of specialized tests on this link:


Step 2 - Read My Holistic Step by Step Elimination Program

Start by reading my comprehensive and detailed article on How and Why You Need to Eliminate That Candida Yeast Infection. In this article I cover just about everything you EVER will need to KNOW about treating YOUR candida yeast infection. The following brief article will give you a quick introduction to the Candida Crusher Program. The information contained in these two pages is based on treating 15,000 candida patients over 25 years of my naturopathic career. CLICK HERE to start reading my Candida Crusher program.


Step 3 - Why Should You Listen To… Me?

I started this website to help people just like you that suffer from a candida infection and perhaps have no idea how to treat it. Why should you trust me and information on this website? Then read my about me page by clicking here, on this page you will be able to read about my credentials and find the answer to any questions you might have regarding my authority on candida yeast infections.

If you still have questions or concerns please use the contact me form to contact me with your question. I will try to answer your questions when I can.  Have you seen my Candida Crusher You Tube channel yet? You are sure to find the answer to the question you are looking for in one on my many You Tube videos.


Step 4 – Read Some Of The Best Yeast Infection Articles On The Internet

Here are but a few of the many articles I have authored on Candida yeast infections:

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Neem’s, scientific name Azadirachta indica, is a traditional medicinal tree native to the Indian subcontinent. Various parts of the Neem tree and products derived from them have been traditionally used in India for their medicinal properties. Research over the past sixty years have studied the active compounds in Neem and validated their biological activity to […]

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A question I get asked from time to time, is there any connection between ringworm and yeast infections? I have answered this in one of my videos which you can watch below however since the video I have been receiving a lot of other related questions and this article shall answer all your questions. Can […]

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History of apple cider vinegar use can be traced back to ancient times, when people used to admire its stunning properties. Although, they did not know the underlying mechanics of fermentation, they were well aware of the process of achieving it. That is why they attributed wines and vinegars as a favour from God or […]

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