Can I Drink Juices If I Have A Yeast Infection?

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After having successfully worked with many candida patients over the years I have become convinced that fresh juicing can be one of the most successful nutritional options in giving yeast infected patients a radiant, energetic life, and a truly optimal digestive function leading to excellent health. Even bottled, canned, or concentrated juices cannot ever match the nutrient value of freshly prepared juices.  Most canned or bottled juices have been pasteurized which destroys many of the nutrients in juices and all too often you will find that preservatives and artificial colors have been added.

Juicing may not agree with some people with yeast infections, but with many others it will be perfectly fine, so it may be a case of trial and error for you. I’m not there to assist you with your particular case and that is why perhaps you bought my book so I’d recommend you give it a try, particularly as you improve. Did you try initially and then aggravate? Then stop, stick with the Candida Diet I have outlined and come back to juicing later as you improve.

It’s a great option to add fresh veggie drink as a part of your regime.  This is just another way to incorporate fresh fruit & vegetables into your diet. The best thing about raw vegetable and fruit juice is that these foods are packed full of many essential vitamins and minerals, enzymes and amino acids which are all critical in maintaining excellent health.

Please do keep an open mind and don’t think that juicing is not for you because you have a yeast infection because you have been told or read online that you should “strictly avoid all fruits and limit many vegetables because the yeast will thrive on all those sugars”. Can you imagine what the cells of your body experience once you start to drink fresh juice every day? You will be absolutely amazed at the difference it can make to any underlying chronic health complaint you may well have had forever, regardless of whether it is diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or a chronic candida yeast infection. I have found that diabetics improve rapidly on a regime of fresh fruit and vegetable juice – and they have blood sugar issues and should in theory become very sick by all these “sugars” but they don’t, they thrive in fact. But in saying that, I do recommend you limit the very high fructose containing fruits initially. In my book the Candida Crusher you will be able to see tables outlining the fruits with the highest sugar content right down to those with the lowest, the same with vegetables.

Similarly, patients with acute bacterial infections do well on a short juice fast, but we are told that those with bacterial infections should avoid sugars for a quick recovery because “bacteria thrive on sugars and an acid forming diet”. They do – but they thrive on the refined sugars mostly, not the sugars in fresh produce.

Be sure to get a copy of Candida Crusher, it is simply the best permanent yeast solution online manual you will find, and at 718 pages, the most comprehensive too.

Here are ten good reasons why juicing is so good if you have a yeast infection overgrowth:

  1. Valuable and sensitive micro-nutrients are locked in your fresh foods and become damaged and even destroyed when you heat up foods, and juicing every day ensures you lose virtually none of these nutrients. As soon as you heat up food and process it in any way you begin to alter the shape and chemical composition.
  2. Five to eight serves of fresh fruit and vegetables daily. You may well have heard that we all need to eat between five to eight servings of fruit and vegetables daily if we want to maintain optimal health, and juicing is the best way to get those servings. Daily juicing is the easiest way to guarantee the yeast infected will take in his or her daily quota. Many yeast infected patients are nutrient deficient because they have issues with their small and large intestine.
  3. Nutrients are more easily absorbed from juices as opposed to eating them cooked. Many yeast sufferers reading this will have an impaired digestive system, and consuming vegetable and fruit juices allows their body to more easily access all those critical minerals, trace elements and other nutritional factors.
  4. You eat a larger variety of vegetables and fruits by juicing them. It is a fact that most of us tend to eat the same vegetables and fruits, by juicing you eat a much larger selection and therefore increase your chances of getting all those important nutrients you wouldn’t otherwise consume. Eating the same vegetables and fruits can violate the principle of food rotation and increases your chance of developing an allergy or intolerance to a certain food.
  5. Fiber is your intestinal broom. All that pulp or fiber inside the fruits and vegetables you juice acts like a broom inside your digestive tract.  And this fiber is critical part of the whole digestive process.  Without the fiber, the system slows down and can even stall causing constipation. Fiber is also necessary to assist in the cultivation of beneficial bacteria.
  6. Your blood sugar will be more stable. If you drink straight fruit  juice then the sugars may get into the bloodstream too quickly which may spike your blood sugar and cause other problems the body has to then deal with (like high insulin and cortisol).  It may be counter-productive and do more damage than good!  The fiber allows the nutrients to enter the blood stream at the perfect speed – not too fast and not too slow, just like nature intended because it created the juice and fiber at the same time. Consuming straight fruit juice like orange juice may even cause your blood sugar to rise rapidly like drinking a soda drink! This is especially the case if you drink 100% pure orange juice, or carrot juice made from those fancy new hybrid carrots or apples, bred to taste sweeter with a very high sugar content. Yes, many fruits and vegetables are hybridized to contain more sugar for increased consumption with their unnaturally high sugar content. I believe the real reason many love to drink 100% carrot or orange juice is because it is feeding their sugar addiction, but in reality they are just swapping one sugary drink for another. Be careful folks, if it tastes really sweet you may wonder what you are doing to the yeast inside your digestive system!
  7. Whole foods are best consumed for optimal health. By consuming juice you are consuming whole foods. If you get a juicer like a Vitamix, the only one I recommend, you will be drinking everything in a vegetable and fruit, including the skin, seeds, the entire lot. You simply can’t get more “whole” than that.
  8. Need to improve energy levels, reduce aging, and lose weight?
    Fresh vegetable and fruit juices have been shown to help with general well being.  Most people who juice regularly have more energy and stamina, and improved immune function, which means fewer colds.  Juicing has also been shown to have a positive effect on cardiovascular health, blood pressure, and the aging process itself. It can also be very important in any weight loss program, and can make a person with a yeast infection feel really good in a short space of time.
  9. Faster nutrient uptake by your bloodstream. Whenever you consume fresh veggie and fruit juices you are significantly decreasing the digestive procedure that usually takes place when you eat food.  But remember, please don’t remove all that fiber as it may leave the nutrient-dense juice a little too easily and rapidly digested. The antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients of fresh juice are effectively delivered throughout the intestinal tract walls into the bloodstream, whereby they become accessible for use by the entire body.
  10. Optimal nutrition without the calories, fat, or additives.  Most people who eat a typical supermarket based diet consumed in countries like America or Australia are consuming way too many over-cooked and over-processed foods that are high in fat, calories, sugar and salt.  In addition, these foods contain many food additives, preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors.  Poor and nutrient stripped diets such as these contribute to heart disease, cancer and a variety of other diseases and most certainly can be a causative factor with yeast infections, especially when such foods are consumed in conjunction with a high stress lifestyle. Natural juices contain an instant form of superior nutrition and are certainly far more healthy than the liquids we often consume like soft drinks, coffee, tea or alcoholic beverages.

My Candida Crusher book contains many “Health Tips” like the one below:

Health Tip – Caution with Fruit Juices Initially

Do you have a chronic yeast infection and perhaps crave sugar or sweet things? Maybe you have diabetes, are overweight or obese or have high blood pressure or high cholesterol (high triglycerides in particular). Then I’d advise caution with high fructose containing fruits, the very sweet fruits, and it is best to limit these fruits until you normalize your condition. Yeast infections, especially when chronic, can initially aggravate with fresh sweet fruit juices, but in my experience if you persist with an 80% vegetable juice and 20% fruit juice blend you should be fine after a few days. That is providing you only take in vegetable and fruit juices and avoid  solid foods containing any form of sugar (especially the refined sugars found in processed foods) for up to a week. Yes, it is possible to have juice if you have a yeast infection, but just make the right choices and experiment. STOP if you feel worse or an aggravation of your symptoms, you may need to experiment with different combinations until you’ve worked out what best suits your needs. You are always safe with lemon and lime however, and these two fruits are a good addition to any vegetable juice which may be bitter, as these two citrus fruits are great at masking any strongly bitter flavors of some of the more beneficial deep leafy greens like broccoli, collards or spinach. As you improve, you should be able to include more fruits in your diet over time, I’ve witnessed this with countless yeast infected patients and it works.

Get a your copy of Candida Crusher today, and discover all the diet and nutrition tips in the internet’s most comprehensive candida manual that came to fruition after more than twenty years of treating patients with yeast infections. Many of my tips you simply won’t find elsewhere, because most all books available online regarding candida yeast infection were not written by a health-care professional, but by a person who compiled information already available online.

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