Can You Eat Pumpkin Seeds With Yeast Infection?

by Eric Bakker N.D. on July 27, 2013

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A question I get asked again and again can I eat pumpkin seeds if I have yeast infection? First of all, my question to you would be what candida diet you are following? It’s imperative that you stick to one diet and follow it till the end before you jump around different diets. For example if you are following my candida crusher diet then I have a whole different ideology compared to other candida diets out there.

In my candida crusher diet I do allow pumpkin however not for the first two weeks of my program.

You have to avoid all foods with hidden sources of sugar and pumpkin falls in the same category. If you are following my candida crusher program you know what to do if you are on another candida diet then contact your naturopath or the person that came up with the diet and ask him what stages of diet he has.
I hope this answers your question.