11 Ways To Crush (Treat) Nail Yeast Infections

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Crushing Nail Yeast Infections

Fungal conditions affecting the nails are a problem that affects countless people all over the world. Every month, many people go to Google in an attempt to discover how to eradicate athlete’s foot and nail yeast infections.

To reduce your chances of developing and maintaining fungal nail infections, I highly recommend that you follow these ten rules. You will notice that quite a few of the lifestyle recommendations are based on the fact that nail yeast infections thrive in an environment which is warm, dark and moist and is fed on sugars and yeast foods in the person’s diet, not unlike a woman’s or man’s yeast infection. Realizing this, consider maintaining your hands and feet thoroughly clean as well as dry whenever feasible, plus eliminate the food source which a nail yeast infection loves to feed on – the sugar and other yeast foods.

Here are some of the best hints and tips I have learned over the years which will help you crush fungal nail problems permanently:

1: Keep your hands and feet clean and dry.

One of the best ways to avoid yeast infections of the nails is to make certain that your hands and feet are dry and dirt-free most of the time, because fungus loves to exist and grow in dark, moist and warm areas such as sweaty hands (gloves) or sweaty sports shoes.

Fingernail yeast infections often begin from hands and fingers in particular being hot and sweaty, cleaned several times daily or submerged for prolonged times in water. A fungal nail problem is more common in those who wear rubber gloves for several hours a day. I’ve seen fungal nail problems in patients with different professions like process (factory) workers, welders, dairy farmers (rubber boots), athletes and sports professionals (gym shoes and locker rooms) and even business people. (shoes and socks for prolonged periods of time)

Toenail fungal problems often begin from too much shoe use, the most common cause.  Those who are more prone are office workers and especially those who play sports and end up with hot and sweaty feet. Now you can understand why locker rooms, swimming pool areas and shower rooms are notorious for spreading athlete’s foot and toe nail fungus.  It is very important that you keep your feet clean and dry, especially between your toes. Some people use a hair-dryer to get their feet completely dry, and that’s not a crazy idea.

2: Go barefoot.

Whenever you can, kick-off your shoes and go barefoot. It is a fact that those who wear shoes and socks continuously will have a greater chance of nail fungal problems. Going barefoot on the beach is particularly good, and you will get rid of athlete’s foot and nail fungus that much quicker if you visit the beach more often.

3: Sunlight.

Place you feet in the sun, because yeast hates bright light. That’s right, kick off those shoes and place your feet in the sun when you can for 15 minutes a day. This is why the beach is such a great environment and incorporates all the elements which yeasts hate – sun, clean salty water and fresh air. I have yet to meet a person with fungal toenails or athlete’s feet who loves spending time at the beach.

4: Replacing your socks is important.

Always use fresh, clean cotton socks, especially if you have an existing fungal nail problem or athlete’s foot. Change your socks every day, and after you wash or bathe be sure to dry your feet carefully before you put a fresh new pair of cotton socks on. Add a little tea tree oil powder to your socks and feet, try a little tea tree oil powder.

5: Rotate your footwear and wear sandals in summer.

Avoid wearing the same closed footwear day each day, rotate your footwear. Leave the pair you wore yesterday in a place where they can air or dry out. Go and buy another two or three pairs of shoes, especially sports shoes. Drop one single drop of pure tea tree oil into the shoe, where the toes are, at least twice or three times each week. Wear sandals or open footwear, particularly in warmer weather, that way the air and light can more easily come into contact with your toes and feet.

6: Use natural remedies, forget drugs.

You don’t need to use pharmaceutical preparations like creams, ointments of pills to eradicate a fungal nail or foot condition. Why use something that may give you a serious side-effect? Natural anti-fungal medicines like tea tree oil will naturally prohibit the development of nail fungus and athlete’s foot, without incurring any risk of side-effects.

7: Foot spa or foot bath.

A foot bath or a foot spa to which you have added a generous amount of apple cider vinegar (ACV) is one of the most effective home treatments for nail or athlete’s feet fungal problems. Soak your feet in a bowl or foot spa with tepid water to which you have added a half a cup of ACV. Add one teaspoon of colloidal silver in addition and let the feet soak for at least 30 minutes, after which you should dry your feet thoroughly. Remember the hair dryer? Then dust your feet, between your toes and your nails with a little tea tree oil powder.

8: Use tea tree oil.

Australian tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) in my opinion is the best product to cure any nail yeast infection or athlete’s foot. I have seen it cure countless nail and foot problems for many, many years. Drop the pure oil onto your nail or feet twice daily. You must be persistent and keep applying the tea tree oil each morning and each night. Persistence breaks that yeast resistance!

9:  Be cautious of artificial nails and nail salons.

Artificial nails and heavily painted nails are potential breeding grounds for fingernail fungal infections. Be careful if you visit a nail salon, if they are not practicing correct sanitizing measures they can spread the fungal infection to other clients.  A nail yeast infection may imbed more deeply if an artificial nail is layered onto an infected nail, and this may even be done to cover an unsightly finger nail.

10: Crushed garlic.

Peel a clove of garlic and then crush it until it is a fine pulp. Apply the garlic pulp to the toe or rub it very well into the affected area if a large area is affected. Place a large sticking plaster over the affected toe if you can, with the pulp underneath which is in contact with the fungal toe. Leave it overnight and in the morning wash the area and drop one drop of tea tree oil on the area. Repeat several times a week.

11: NEVER give up.

I always recommend persistence, because a fungal toenail will require persistence on your part if you want to eradicate it. It will not go away after just a few treatments, but will require daily treatment at times for weeks. You will eradicate this problem completely if you follow the 10 points outlined above consistently.

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The following comment was made by one of our readers:

“This article was very helpful, and I can send clients to it . I would change one comment on the 11 steps … and would like to advise them about Nail Salons… I would say avoid NSS -Non Standard Salons, because Nail Technicians like myself and the majority follow all the rules and regulations . We are here to help the clients and educate them on proper nail care. A well trained Nail Technician is and should be an enhancement to proper foot care. (When it comes to Salons, you get what you pay for is often true)”

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