Is Fermented Soy Good or Bad For Candida?

by Eric Bakker N.D. on July 14, 2013

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Before I get started explaining more about this group, there is one myth I’d like to discuss. Is soy good or bad, should I avoid soy entirely because many websites tell me so? NO, you don’t have to avoid soy. Before you decide that soy is a poison like many today claim it to be, I’d like you to do your own research and read the “for and against” arguments. I’ve never been a fan of soya milk; I just don’t like the taste, but do enjoy organic tofu and the fermented soy products, namely tempeh and miso.

I find it most interesting that just about everybody who attacks soy does not seem to have a problem with the fermented soy products, even though they contain significant amount of soy isoflavones just like soy milk and tofu. Think about it logically for one moment, how can soy ferments be 100 percent devoid of isoflavones, genestein or in fact any other component that is present in soya milk or tofu?

I just love African Grey parrots, they are highly intelligent birds and many are good talkers. These clever birds listen with great care and then copy you word for word, verbatim, without even thinking about what you have just said. The next time they see somebody, they will repeat what they heard you say, and after a while, even the person who hears the parrot speak will repeat what the parrot said to somebody else.

Many people I know are just are like parrots, they just keep on repeating what they have heard from others, word for word, without even thinking or researching for themselves if what they have been told makes any real sense. Some health-care professionals are guilty of this, and many tell their patients to avoid soy because of these kinds of reasons they have been told:

  • Soy can decrease immune function
  • Tofu will damage brain function
  • Soy causes homosexuality
  • Soy causes cancer
  • High soy diet during pregnancy can cause birth defects and developmental delays
  • Soy is an allergen
  • Soy supplements can’t help menopause
  • Soy causes kidney problems, including stones
  • Soy baby formula causes behavioral issues

If you hear these rumors, stop and think twice. Are they factually based or just parroted phrases?


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